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BallotReady organizes data fields for sale around major customer use cases to inspire civic engagement. Note that the available delivery methods (API, CSV, etc.) vary by field.


Recruitment Engine data empowers customers to recruit candidates for every position by matching eligible candidates with applicable positions. BallotReady supports candidates in navigating a complex process with ease by assembling data including position descriptions, eligibility requirements, filing deadlines, filing instructions and more. Office holder data is also available for purposes of assessing the political landscape, supporting reelection campaigns and building targeted campaigns against existing incumbents. Recruitment engine data fields are organized by the following topics:


Ballot Engine data empowers customers and voters to cast informed votes by matching a valid voting address with applicable candidates who will appear on the ballot. Ballot engine data assembles details, from platform stances to endorsements, to create candidate profiles that help voters to know where they stand on key issues.  Measures information also supports informed voting on measures. Ballot engine data fields are organized by the following topics. 



Turnout Engine data empowers users to cast timely votes by selecting from available methods and making a plan that matches the right user to the right polling location. Turnout engine data assembles details from voter registration and requirements to accurate location information for returning a ballot. Turnout engine data fields are organized by the following topics. 



Please note that not all of the fields covered in this document are currently returned in BallotReady’s API. 

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